E-CAMP UM Entrepreneurship CAMP UM

Are you a student with big dreams to build an innovative and useful business for the society?

Do you want to create a business to help introducing your culture to the world?
Need some insights from founders, experts, and academicians to scale up your culture-tech business? 

UM ECAMP is here for you!!!

UM International Entrepreneurship Camp 2021 is a credit-earning program made for you who want to be entrepreneurs and startup founders in culture-related business. Aside from being successful, becoming a culture-techpreneurs will give you chance to introduce your culture of origin to the world.

During 12 meetings (29 November - 11 December 2021), you will meet some chosen speakers with notable experience in entrepreneurship, culture, and technology, they are:

  • Sandiaga Uno (Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia)
  • Emil Dardak (Vice Governor of East Java Indonesia)
  • Prof. Wawan Dhewanto, S. T, M. Sc, Ph. D (Entrepreneurship Expert from Bandung Institute of Technology)
  • Awan Rimbawan (Product Manager of Upwork)
  • Dave Febrian (Vice President of Consumer Business Agate Games Indonesia)
  • Hari S Agam (Product Manager of Jagoan Hosting)
  • Evi Wahyu Astutik (Founder of Batik Sengguruh)
  • Fikri Sofi (Founder of Madu Rimba Indonesia)
  • Winzendy Tedja (Founder of Yuna N. Co)
  • Ki Demang (Founder of Kampung Budaya Polowijen)
  • Vania Prima Damara (Digital Marketing of MS Glow Indonesia)

Mentorship Event (6 - 11 December 2021):

  • Ngalup Collaborative Network

This event will be held on hybrid, blending MOOC and LIVE Online Meeting system. Besides joining the LIVE sessions, you - as participants - need to read the text materials as well as finish all the tasks and assignments given through the MOOC. So please be active and have fun during our 2 weeks journey!

Should you have further question about the MOOC, please contact our student service through Whatsapp at: https://wa.me/message/JVPFUJMZASMAL1

See you in the class!

Statistical and Data Analysis in Educational Research International Online Course 2021

Statistical analysis ability is one of the most important fundamental skills that should be possessed by today's students in higher education. This ability is very important because it is influential in the decision-making process both in daily life and in its application in academic activities such as research. Statistics were used in education because of their statistical abilities related to evidence-based reasoning, especially with data analysis. Therefore, statistical analysis is very important to apply in a research procedure.

 The Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Malang present this course to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand statistical techniques and data analysis in educational research. The scope of this course will cover theories of descriptive statistics, the basic concept of hypotheses testing, analysis of variance, inferential statistics, and parametric statistics as well as a basic skill of SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions). All the theories of the statistical technique will be equipped with study cases that relate to the educational research context.

 This course is running during the covid-19 outbreak, therefore the course process will be presented through a full online learning system. The learning strategy that will be applied has been designed with an instructional system design approach that yields the learning process will run effectively and efficiently. Participants will get a different learning experience through combining several platforms such as a web conference meeting platform, messaging platform, and learning management system platform.

Teacher: Saida Ulfa